Portable Air Compressors

Portable Air Compressors

70CFM 100PSI - 525CFM 200PSI

Easy to maneuver

Compact and light


Our compressors are so easy to use, you might not notice their advanced technology.

Customized to your needs

You want your compressor to meet your specific requirements. That is exactly why we allow you to customize your compressor with the widest range of options and features.

XAS 138

XAS 138

Portable Air Compressor 250CFM, 100psi (g)

The XAS 138 and XAHS 108 compressors are known as the “crossover” range.
This compact, easy to move range offers extra flow with higher levels of efficiency – providing the power to get the job done. Both compressors come with the legendary Hardhat® canopy. This canopy was designed to protect from corrosion, damage and safeguard all the internal components – maximizing the resell value of your asset.

The spin on vessel design ensures it only takes one minute to change the oil separator element. All simple service procedures can be completed in a matter of minutes.
Reduce your cost of ownership, improve your efficiency and get a higher return on investment with new crossover compressors range.

HardHat® Canopy
Simple Interface
Easy to Move
Service Efficiency
Spillage Free Frame
Fuel Efficiency

Engine Performance

Working pressure
100psi (g)
Free air delivery 250CFM
Engine Kubota
Fuel Tank Capacity 87L