Synchronising & Load Sharing Auto Start Control Module

The DSE8610 MKII represents the latest in complex load sharing & synchronising control technology. Designed to handle the most complex grid type generator applications the DSE8610 MKII control module is packed with multiple features and benefits that are unrivalled across the generator control industry. 

245 mm x 184 mm x 51 mm
220 mm x 160 mm
8.0 mm (0.3")


8610-02 - 8610 MKII Synchronising & Load Sharing Control Module (Ct, Rtc)


  • Comprehensive synchronising & loadsharing capabilities
  • Built in governor and AVR control
  • Base load (kW export) control
  • Positive & negative kVAr export control
  • Mains (Utility) decoupling protection
  • 4-Line back-lit LCD text display
  • Multiple Display Languages
  • Five key menu navigation
  • LCD alarm indication
  • Heated display option available
  • Customisable power-up text and images
  • DSENet expansion compatibility
  • Data logging & trending facility
  • Internal PLC editor
  • Protections disable feature
  • Fully configurable via PC using USB, RS232, RS485 & Ethernet communication
  • Front panel configuration with PIN protection
  • Power save mode
  • 3 phase generator sensing and protection
  • Generator current and power monitoring (kW, kvar, kVA, pf)
  • kW and kvar overload alarms
  • Reverse power alarms
  • Over current protection
  • Unbalanced load protection
  • Independent earth fault protection
  • Breaker control via fascia buttons
  • Fuel and start outputs configurable when using CAN
  • 8 configurable DC outputs
  • 2 configurable volt-free relay outputs
  • 4 configurable analogue/digital inputs
  • Built in sensors to support 0 V to 10 V & 4 mA to 20 mA
  • 12 configurable digital inputs
  • Configurable 5 stage dummy load and load shedding outputs
  • CAN, MPU and alternator frequency speed sensing in one variant
  • Real time clock
  • Manual and automatic fuel pump control
  • Engine run-time scheduler
  • Fuel usage monitor and low fuel level alarms
  • Simultaneous use of all communication ports
  • Remote SCADA monitoring via various DSE software applications
  • MODBUS RTU & TCP support with configurable MODBUS pages for integration into building management systems (BMS)
  • Advanced SMS messaging (additional external modem required)
  • Start & stop capability via SMS messaging
  • 3 configurable maintenance alarms
  • Compatible with a wide range of CAN engines, including tier 4 engine support
  • Uses DSE Configuration Suite PC Software for simplified configuration
  • Power modes for when in parallel with the mains
  • Redundant MSC communication wired to CAN ports
  • True manual breaker control when in CAN mode
  • Water in fuel digital input
  • Fuel tank bund alarm digital input
  • Separate ramp up and ramp down rates configurable via PLC
  • Configurable CAN message time- outs
  • In-built SNMP
  • Configurable CAN transmit & receive
  • Battery chargers on DSENetĀ®